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Senior Horticulture Officer - Sri. V. Seenivasan

The horticulture section is responsible for the maintainance of trees and plants in the entire campus. It also provides landscapping in the surroundings of all buildings and flowering during major functions at the Institute.

Black Buck Habitat

In order to improve the black buck habitat in the hostel zone where two of the mega projects are planned, the existing location for black bucks have been improved by carrying out the following:

1. More open areas are created by removing velikathan tress [Proscopics, Juliflora etc.

2. A black buck corridor has been created by removing cactus plants.

3. A bridge is built, so that the back buck can move freely between academic and hostel zone.

4. The barbed wire fencing is replaced with PVC coated chain link fencing

5. The fencing area around the quarters in the residential zone have been reduced / removed.

6. The thorny bush between Giga Dining facility and new hostels were removed and neem trees were planted in this area. This area is being used as resting place for black bucks. Special plants like tree jasmine (Milingtonia hortensis), neem tree (aszadirachta indica) etc and grass like cyanodan dactyl on, buffalo grass (stenotaphurum Secundatum) etc are also planted in the open grass lands.

7. The lawns created in Godhavari Hostel, Alumni Office, Department of Management Studies, Department of Ocean Engineering and Giga Dinning Facility are used grazing area for black buck.

8. Water pots have been provided in the black buck habitat area.

9. All the open wells in the hostel zone were covered with weld mesh to avoid accidental fall of the Deers.