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Executive Engineer - Sri. K. Viswanath

Asst. Executive Engineer - Sri. D. Rajavel

Assistant Engineer - Sri. A. Sivakumar

Rain Water Harvesting

1. Deepening of lake (increase in storage capacity from 80,000 m3 to 160,000 m3).

2. Rooftop water collected to wells in the hostel zone is used to run the R/O plants.

3. Rooftop water collected in sumps (24 x 20 m3) is used for flushing toilets.

4. Rooftop water collected from Ocean Engineering department is used to fill the wave basin.

5. Recharge soak pits to raise the ground after level.

1. The underground sewage system is available in the campus.

2. All the sewer line and drainage line were connected to the underground sewage system through gully, inspection chamber and man holes.

3. Periodical cleaning was done to avoid blockage in the sewer line.

4. Inspection chamber was covered with SFRC (Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete) air tight cover to curtain smell and to avoid any breakage and theft.

5. The man holes were also covered with SFRC airtight cover.

6. Covered drainage lines were provided in the campus.

7. The sewage and drainage water reaches the lagoon.

8. The sewage water from the lagoon will be treated by the sewage treatment plant.

9. The treated sewage water will be reused for gardening and flushing for toilets in the hostels.