Telephone Exchange Division

Executive Engineer (Electrical) i/c

- Sri. K. Ravichandran

Assistant Executive Engineer (Telephones)

- Sri. S. Padmanaban

The Institute has the latest IP based Digital Telephone Switching System with a capacity of 5000 lines and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) features. Remote switches are installed in various departments / hostels and linked to the main system with the existing optical fiber Data Cables (by creating a captive LAN) in order to give additional telephone connections without digging for laying copper cable. Special features such as teleconference, video conference, voice mail, computerized billing, digital extension, IP extension etc have been introduced.

The access to the external world has been achieved by obtaining 5 dedicated levels exclusively for our Institute from BSNL. The link between IIT and BSNL has been converted fully (outgoing and incoming) from Copper to Optical Fiber Cable. A 34 Mbps Fiber Optic System has been installed at our exchange by BSNL to route the external calls (both outgoing and incoming calls) through 10 Nos of ISDN PRI circuits. The very essential feature called CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) facility has also been activated.